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With the new government in place, ownership of property in Argentina has become easier than ever before. Mauricio Macri, took office as the country's president in December and has wasted little time undoing a long line of populist policies. Mr. Macri campaigned under the slogan of Cambiemos, or Let’s Change and he will be the first President in nearly a century that is neither Peronist nor a member of the movements' weaker rival, the Radical Civic Union. One of his first acts was to peg the Argentine Peso to the U.S. Dollar which has been highly successful.


Lifting the onerous export tax on most farm products resulted in massive sell off of those products that had been stored in the county. One fourth of soybeans, wheat, maize and corn are exported and one third flour, vegetable oils, and beef are exported. The many vineyards in the Mendoza valley produce award winning Merlots and Cabernets.


Almost 15% of Argentina’s Farm and Ranch land is owned by foreign owners. Due to very reasonable land prices and low farm labor cost these owners enjoy reasonable profits from their ownership. Managed property is common for many foreign owners.


Land use varies according to the region but for the most part they include:


  • Cattle Production
  • Horse Production
  • Grain production including Soy
  • Hunting
  • Upscale Hotels
  • Beach Property
  • Vineyards with or without wine production
  • Mining—granite, silver, gold
  • Forestry


Bevers Real Estate has extensive experience in the Argentina real estate market including one of our agents who lived in Buenos Aires for 4 years recently. Our real estate contacts are trustworthy and fully cooperate with our firm to fulfill a successful sale of property in South America.


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Current Listings of Properties For Sale in Argentina include the following properties:


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