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Our History

Remember Texas in the early 1980’s?  It was not the best time to start a business; People were losing jobs, home repos soared and the failing savings & loan companies had devastated the real estate market. Talk about timing... Annie & I had opened Bevers Real Estate at the beginning of a real estate depression.


Believing food to be good medicine for depression, we begin offering homemade pie topped with Blue Bell ice cream, right along with real estate. When clients requested more variety we evolved into a serious restaurant which gave birth to Bevers Kitchen.

More than 28 years have passed. Now Bevers Kitchen & Bevers Real Estate operate independently and both continue to thrive. Many of the thousands of hungry travelers became real estate clients then became long time friends.

Making a sale is good...but it pales compared to gaining a new friend. We cherish the many relationships that work has afforded us over the years and hope for many more. God is good.

Ken & Ann Bevers

Bevers Real Estate Office